Parent Resources during a Pandemic

During such uncontrollable times, it’s always good to find available parenting resources. There’s no doubt about it: COVID-19 has put a tremendous amount of pressure on moms. Considering how difficult it is to balance motherhood, a career, and a household without a global health crisis, it’s hard to imagine that anything positive for parents could come out of this current situation.

Huggable wanted to know – is there any good to be found in being stuck at home even while we grieve this new reality? Is there anything moms can appreciate about this unique time even if it’s not what anyone would have chosen? Does spending more time at home with kids, even if it has its own set of pressures, create opportunities for family relationships to deepen?

While this season has brought grief and difficulty, it has also created meaningful change for some families.

Moms Reported That Their Relationships With Their Kids Have Improved Since COVID-19 Began

Huggable’s found that the moms surveyed spent an average of 49% more time with their young children as a result of COVID-19. This figure includes moms who work full-time, moms who work part-time, and moms who usually stay at home.

With everyone being home, using new tools such as Learny can really help parents up their education game. They have amazing tools and education resources for kids of all learning abilities. Learny is the only educational app that rewards children for math practice and beyond. Parents want their kids to do more than watch YouTube and play games on their digital devices. Learny helps bridge the gap by incentivizing kids to do math practice with the toys, games, and things they care about. Kids can learn, earn and then redeem Learny Bucks for all kinds of prizes!

Moms Are Able to Spend More Time With Their Children

Bonding time as a family unit has given parents more insights into what is needed for their children. What is also important is finding online resources for parent support. There is also a new social platform for parents only called NexGen Online Academy. Their mission of parents supporting parents is to help bring additional resources to those in need.

As parents continue to build this precious time with their families, remember to hold onto these sweet moments. Take a breath and find the resources which work for you all as a family.

As summarized by Clint Edwards,

“In this moment of reflection, I’m taking an accounting of what our children really need to grow into well-rounded, responsible adults with active bodies and brains, and what we might have been missing as a family because of trying to do too much. Perhaps what we really needed all along was less on our plates and more time with one another.”

(New York Times)

Find out more about Huggable’s findings in the full report:


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