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Being Present with my Family

Each school year, I go and go until I crash. Being a doer doesn’t always make me present with my kids. One of my biggest struggles is being present with others instead of spinning my wheels on my to-do list. As summer approaches (hello Colorado snow in May), our family hops off into adventures. We have decided to do a digital detox again which brings us back together as a family unit.

Being present and creating adventures

What I love about about unplugging is how it pushes me to be present with my kids. Taking a step back from the news, social media and other outlets truly help me to refresh. It provides such a lovely summer of being together. So I decided to do a shorter digital detox to reset life and expectations. My hope is to be more present, not carry my phone around, and learn how to have a conversation with my family again.

Technology isn’t a bad thing and it provides people the ability to communicate in an instant. But sometimes it can get in the way of communicating with those right next to you. I noticed the last few months, I was spending too much time on my phone again. In April, my husband and I went to Peru to hike Machu Picchu. It was such a wonderful trip of being with my husband and those on the trail. We didn’t have cell service for 5 days! Not having cell service will get your priorities straight real fast. You learn how to navigate without Google! The hike made me look at nature and beauty around me, and allowed us to see the Milky Way with no light around. That’s something I won’t ever forget.

It reminded me that adventures big and small are so critical to building relationships with others. The adventure can be traveling around the world, or it can be going to the park down the street and swinging the day away. We created the idea of adventures last year where we would go explore local hangouts. We love exploring same, new and different locations and hope to continue that adventurous spirit well into their teens.

They are only little once

This phrase has been said to me multiple times. At first, I thought people were being dramatic, but it’s actually true. Our first-born turns 5 in a month and I cried at the grocery store when I told someone this week. Realizing this is our last summer together before going back to work has been hard. I purposefully took the time off to raise them while little (and we made that sacrifice), because I knew I couldn’t get the time back. I made a huge sacrifice in quitting my career, but the last couple of years has pointed me in a different career direction. This time has also brought us full circle allowing me to spend these precious summers with my kids.

Summer detox

Detoxing may be a popular word right now, but I think it’s an important one to keep in your vocabulary. Whether you decide to do a food detox, chemical detox, tv detox or digital one, just know it’s for your good and the good of your family unit. Learning how to let go of dependencies we think are good, but are actually damaging us can push us forward to change. For me personally, detoxing has turned into a good thing providing the space I need to be more present with others and create change in my life.

What are your summer plans? Hope they are filled with everyday family adventures.


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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