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Parent Resources during a Pandemic

Posted by on Jul 6, 2020 in Kids | 0 comments

During such uncontrollable times, it’s always good to find available parenting resources. There’s no doubt about it: COVID-19 has put a tremendous amount of pressure on moms. Considering how difficult it is to balance motherhood, a career, and a household without a global health crisis, it’s hard to imagine that anything positive for parents could come out of this current situation. Huggable wanted to know – is there any good to be found in being stuck at home even while we grieve this new reality? Is there anything moms can appreciate about...

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You are important to God

Posted by on Jun 18, 2020 in Encouragement, Following God | 0 comments

My family and I have been walking through a Job season the last seven months. During this time, the entire world has been turned upside down on it’s head. It’s been a crazy time filled with disease and racial injustice. The hate seen on the news has made me realize how lost people are in this world. People are not acting out of their God-given identity, but out of self-seeking ways. In prayer as we have watched events unfold, I’ve realized part of my problem is I don’t feel important to God. And this has kept me from responding to others with...

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Compassion fatigue

Posted by on May 21, 2020 in Encouragement, Following God | 0 comments

This season of a pandemic has led many people to compassion fatigue. Friends who work in caring positions such as nursing, teaching, elderly care, and many others are all struggling with juggling life. Compassion fatigue is a condition characterized by emotional and physical exhaustion leading to a diminished ability to empathize or feel compassion for others, often described as the negative cost of caring. Recently, I took on freelance writing for Many of the questions we receive relate to the Bible and life issues, but it...

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Fear Not

Posted by on Apr 7, 2020 in Encouragement, Following God | 0 comments

So many of us fear what is happening in the world – the corona virus. We want to believe there is an end in sight. And at the same time we aren’t sure of what’s ahead. So why do we fear? Why do we fear when it says to ‘fear not’ over 400 times in the Bible? Because we don’t believe God’s goodness in the midst of pandemics. We are to know when bad things come our way there is a great God fighting our battles. God perseveres through undeserved trials As we face current trials, where do you find hope and faith? Is it in the news, with our...

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Kindness of God

Posted by on Mar 5, 2020 in Book, Encouragement | 0 comments

God are you really good and kind? I haven’t believed God to be kind because of what I’ve walked through. So many compromises have taken root because of wounding, lies and unbelief. Those “foxes” have been healed and removed only by me trusting His voice. Learning to trust those whispers of love and hope, and rooting out the weeds of unbelief in my heart. This whole battle (the last 3 years) has never been about God taking something away; it has been about God leading me through a journey to recapture my heart and reveal His goodness and...

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Which Path?

Posted by on Feb 2, 2020 in Book, Following God | 0 comments

Anyone else feel like Noah in the Bible?  You’re building a ship with no rain. It’s raining somewhere else, but not in your yard. These are the moments I ask God to show up. Because in the natural I can’t see which path to take or the next bend in the road. It’s okay to not know the future, but what if the future is only about obedience and nothing else? These are the wrestling questions I ask. So which path do you choose? God closes doors to open doors. This is the truth! Especially in our lives over the last three years. God has shut so...

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Growing into 2020

Posted by on Jan 1, 2020 in Encouragement, Following God | 0 comments

We’re starting a new time! Growing into 2020 and beyond has me so excited for what’s to come. Part of the excitement comes from not knowing what’s around the corner and all that holds. As we venture into this new time, what areas are you hoping to be bold in?         Step out of your comfort zone I stepped out of my comfort zone this year and started working with refugees from other countries. The joy they have shown and taught me has been indescribable. They have displayed what it means to start over in a different country, how to love well...

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Baby proofing your home

Posted by on Dec 27, 2019 in Kids | 1 comment

Baby proofing your home Our babies are adorable and we love them endlessly, but they need our protection. Making sure our homes are baby-proofed keeps our kids out of harms way. Babies love to explore and play with everything, and that can get them in trouble at times. There are a few steps we can follow to protect our babies in the home. This 7-step guide has been prepared for parents by house cleaning experts Bettercleans, based in Milwaukee.  Follow the guide and put any missing protections in place for your baby. 7 step guide 1. Baby’s...

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God Box

Posted by on Dec 8, 2019 in Book, Following God | 0 comments

I put God in a box. A pretty, blue, large-sized box. Full of compartments where He could only oversee certain parts of my life at certain times. You get the gist, i.e. He’s in charge of the budget this month, or He’s in charge of my attitude this week. Very compartmentalized and on my terms. Somewhere along the way this box mentality started to shift. God showed up in 2017 and started reshaping my box. The box completely disappeared once the reshaping began. I took Him out of the box and let Him be in charge. Of. It. All. No more box How do...

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3 things every person is free to do

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Summer, our season of being free, is coming to a close. Each summer we take intentional time to hang out as a family. We only have so many summers with our kids and I hope to be able to enjoy each one. This means I put a lot of things on hold and just soak up the time with my sweeties. When September comes, we pick up the pace of life. For me this summer was about realizing our personal freedoms. In the U.S., we have the freedom to live life as we like. This got me thinking about the freedoms we have as believers. What are our freedoms? We...

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