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Encouragement Following God

Growing into 2020

We’re starting a new time! Growing into 2020 and beyond has me so excited for what’s to come. Part of the excitement comes from not knowing what’s around the corner and all that holds. As we venture into this new time, what areas are you hoping to be bold in?

Step out of your comfort zone

I stepped out of my comfort zone this year and started working with refugees from other countries. The joy they have shown and taught me has been indescribable. They have displayed what it means to start over in a different country, how to love well and how to help others in needy times. We love how they have invited us into their community and been so kind to our family.

Cease striving

This is hard to conquer, but ceasing striving has come front and center. Truly learning how to let go and release ‘being busy’ as a measuring stick of my life has been so life-giving. Letting go has done wonders for all us even if our kids karate is 3 days a week. Letting go of my agenda and leaning into what God is doing has created a true shift in our perspectives.

Leaning in and listening

Learning how to listen to what God is saying has been transformative. By leaning into scripture, doing the inner healing work needed, and prioritizing quiet time, I’m a completely different person. Starting 2020 in a different space, being guided and shaped by God, has been amazing. The way is narrow, but those who find life can live abundantly.

These 3 areas have been a bold shift for me and my family. Stepping out of our comfort zone and working with refugees has been life-giving. Ceasing  striving and leaning into the new agenda for our life has been so important sometimes I can’t get over the amount of change in 2019. My hope is that each and everyone who reads this tiny blog find the life-giving thing for them. Being shaped by God and stepping out in faith can lead to wonders for this next decade! Here’s to growing into 2020 and beyond. Happy New Year!!


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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