Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby proofing your home

Our babies are adorable and we love them endlessly, but they need our protection. Making sure our homes are baby-proofed keeps our kids out of harms way. Babies love to explore and play with everything, and that can get them in trouble at times.

There are a few steps we can follow to protect our babies in the home. This 7-step guide has been prepared for parents by house cleaning experts Bettercleans, based in Milwaukee.  Follow the guide and put any missing protections in place for your baby.

7 step guide

1. Baby’s movements can cause damage. Walkers and other movement toys can cause your child to end up in the hospital if unattended.

2. The bathroom is a fun place to bond with your baby. Bath time is always a sweet time, but make sure you have locks on all cabinets and other places they can open.

3. Baby choking hazards such as cords and small toys can cause serious damage. This one is very preventable by making sure toys are age appropriate and putting up blind and electrical cords.

4. Electrical shocks happen more often than most parents realize. With all of the new electrical inventions it’s imperative parents keep their cords out of reach.

5. 2.8 million babies have fall related injuries every year according to the Huffpost. Make sure all appropriate guardrails are in place to keep your baby from falling.

6. See things from their level. Getting on the ground to see if there any hazards at eye level help keep your baby safe.

7. Having the essentials on hand like a first-aid kit and being prepared for emergencies helps prevent your babies from getting hurt. Keeping our kids safe is so important when they are little.

Keeping our babies safe is a priority for parents. Following the 7 step guide above will help your baby stays out of harms way. So let your baby explore happily knowing they are protected at home and by our love.


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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