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Chasing Failure

Today at Red Rocks Church, Ryan Leak, the author and producer of Chasing Failure, came to speak. He’s a gifted speaker with the ability to draw you into his amazing story. His question to the audience was ‘What would you do if you knew you could not fail?’ Become today who you are tomorrow.

What I loved about his message was the positive spin on trying even if it doesn’t result in the outcome you desire. Several people have said to me, ‘You wrote a book. You’re an author.’ I personally don’t consider myself an author. I like the term writer better because it delivers a different personification than the prestigious ‘author’ term. However, part of it is my doubt. People in my circles have doubted this writer journey and that has been hard to take. ‘What if he finds out that you wrote a book about him?’ ‘Are you being safe?’ ‘This is such a personal journey, why are you sharing?’ ‘How are abuse and infertility connected?’ ‘What do you hope comes from this?’ The list goes on and on.

I’ve always come back to the notion that if the book helps one women leave a terrible situation, then it’s worth it. Infertility has also happened to many women I know. This is also for the friend who doesn’t have much hope left that a baby will happen. Everyone’s journey deserves a voice even when their journeys are different.

I keep coming back to his line, ‘Jesus calls unqualified people all the time and qualifies the call.’ I’m beyond unqualified to do any of this, but 10 years ago, I told one person, ‘If I survive this, I want to write a book and help somebody.’ So during my pregnancy with Harrison, the writer journey began. It’s such a refining and humbling process and those who have helped breathe life into this project are amazing people.

In Ryan’s talk, he said ‘Chasing failure is about removing the labels off your life…’ What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Would you write a book, start a business, produce a documentary, or start a movement deep in your heart? It’s free to dream, but failing will cost you something. Watch his documentary to see how Ryan removed labels and Chased Failure.


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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