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Self-Righteousness Keeps Us from Compassion

Self-righteousness Impacts My Spirit

This past August it became very clear with the launch of my book I would be moving towards healing. While writing my book, I was able to remove emotion and consequently didn’t shed a tear. Several people asked, ‘Was it cathartic writing your book?’ While my answer was yes, I thought the lack of emotion came from being healed. Not so much…

A lot of my emotions happen at church or at Bible Study Fellowship. However, when I heard a sermon on self-righteousness, I was struck at its impact on my spirit. Little did I know a spiritual rebirth was happening and moving me closer to God.

Healing Old Wounds

Two weeks before Christmas 2017 at a BSF leaders’ meeting, powerful words of encouragement and correction pushed me forward. The previous week our leader shared a story about communion. She looked up while praying as other people walked forward and proceeded to judge this lady for her attire. Our leader promptly put her head back down to pray. Our fearless leader Tina told this story as a joke, but also shared how this sin permeates everyone’s lives. No one is better than someone else even when you think so.

The question I answered was ‘What does the phrase ‘put to death’ teach about the attitude God’s children are to have toward their sin? And where do you need the Holy Spirit’s help to change your attitude and actions?’ Whoa. My answer was ‘Self-righteousness and pride. Let us not become conceited, but to have gentleness and kindness. My prayer throughout Romans has been to have a gentler soul grounded in Jesus Christ.’ Of course, I got called on to share my answer. As I cried while sharing, the sweet words of others started to fill my ears. As I proceeded to process what was said, the message of the spirit healing old wounds from the inside out came from God.


Why am I telling you this extremely personal story? Because I believe we all go through times where we need to change. This helps us to become the people God designed us to be. There has been some ugliness from my past which needed uprooting. Not being self-righteous leads us to live with compassion. Being open about one’s sin can lead others to admit they need humility and compassion too. I believe there is healing in humility. Humility will take you farther in life than believing your right all the time.

‘Self-righteousness encourages me to commit that which compassion would never permit,’ says Marcella Krisel. For 2018 this quote will be a good reminder of how to prioritize my life, my family and focus on living humbly. Would love to know what you are called to live out in the comments below.


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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