Following God

The Day I Met a Prophet

This past Sunday (October 7th, 2018) became an extraordinary day. On the way to my friend’s house, I sensed God telling me to stop and buy some homeless guys a sandwich from Subway. There were 3 homeless men hanging out on the corner of Colfax. A little annoyed, I went into Subway wondering what was about to happen not knowing this would be the day I met a prophet.

Going to Subway

I was immediately greeted by a friendly kid behind the counter. Curious, I asked the Subway worker if the homeless guys had been fed. He said no and I told him I wanted to buy them a meal. The worker was blown away and said, ‘Your generosity made my day’. As he was talking, a black gentleman named Darryl introduced himself. Darryl asked me if I was an evangelist, and I told him no. I felt led to do something nice for the guys. He said evangelists are normally the ones feeding the homeless, so he was impressed I stopped to do this. I asked him if he was an evangelist and he said ‘No, I’m a prophet.’ Darryl went on to tell me how people only care about themselves today, and by paying attention to my servant’s heart, God was going to bless me.

The Subway guy said he was going to bless someone else with a meal. His smile was very contagious, and I hope he paid it forward. But, before I left, Darryl asked if he could tell me one more thing. He said the verse Matthew 6:33 was being downloaded into him and God will bless me beyond what I can fathom. ‘More than I can imagine.’ Matthew 6:33 says “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I left in tears because the words spoken through Darryl were things my heart needed to hear from a long week.

Feeding the homeless

Jim was the name of the homeless man at the corner. He was so grateful and quite talkative. He divided up the sandwiches between him and his friends as we chatted. The whole time I kept thinking you’re someone’s child, maybe a father, but more importantly a person God created. Valuing people is something I’m starting to recognize as a life theme. My goal was to extend worth and value to Jim, so he could know he was seen.

God sometimes quietly nudges us to follow him. When we do follow him, He is crazy good. He’ll use us in quirky ways to show His love to others. May we see the face of God in each person we encounter.


Heather V Shore is a wife, mother and domestic violence survivor. Check out her site for book updates and more!

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