Safety Planning

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These statistics are alarming to me. Domestic violence happens every minute to 20 people in the US. Domestic abuse happens to 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the US. When you hear those words, what do you think? I think about the women and children at the local shelter where I volunteer. They risked their lives to become safe. Safety planning is so important to bring more people to safety. What is safety planning? Safety planning is coming up with a plan in order to escape violence. Whether you’re leaving your residence or the residence of the perpetrator, knowing how to get out with your...

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Finding Freedom

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Finding freedom is a topic near to my heart. Freedom is something I’ve always craved in order to live life my way. But I realized my way wasn’t getting me too far. Most people long to be free. So many long to have an abundant life. What if there’s a different way to gain freedom? Join me as we discuss what it means to be free and have an abundant life this month. What is freedom? What is freedom? Freedom, in the simplest terms, is the state of being free instead of imprisoned or enslaved. It is the right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Living in freedom...

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The Backside of the Mountain

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Recently I met with a dear friend and we caught up. She wanted to get together and hear how life was going. This is a trust-worthy person because she is a mentor and cares with kindness. As we caught up, she kept saying this phrase which I had never heard before. She said ‘you’re on the backside of the mountain’. She explained you’ve been strategically placed in solitude in order to prepare you for His work. The backside can also be a place of transition and pruning. Yikes! Those are all the words I’ve been fighting against for the last year. What does the ‘Backside of the Mountain’ look...

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Hope in Hardship

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Hope in hardship is one of the themes of my story. Hope means holding onto courage when you feel like giving up. Courage keeps up moving towards hope. How does someone keep hope during hardship? Give yourself grace.  Grace is an undeserved gift. Sometimes the gift is recognizing you’re exactly where you need to be in your story. You don’t have to be as far along as someone else. Whether you’re just leaving your perpetrator or have been out of the relationship for 15 years, giving yourself grace will allow you to enjoy life. Finding and holding onto grace can empower you to be hopeful each...

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What is Emotional and Psychological Abuse?

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Abuse comes in many different forms leading to different consequences and reactions. Ultimately it is always about power and control. One definition of emotional abuse is: “any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation,  or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.”1 The perpetrator’s hope is to undermine the self-worth and dignity of the one they are abusing. Often the emotional abuse is carefully constructed so only the victim can understand the depth of their partner’s words. The abuser picks up on the...

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