Deeply Wounded Hope

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Heather’s story encompasses surviving and overcoming domestic violence and other life hardships. This journey entails healing from these situations and learning to live abundantly.

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This book was written to help women live their best lives after surviving life hardships such as domestic violence and infertility. My hope is for women to break free and live abundantly.

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3 reviews for Deeply Wounded Hope

  1. Matthew Skar

    As marriage mentors, my wife and I have walked with several couples who didn’t know the number of wounds they were bringing into their marriage. Deeply rooted hurts that are buried as a way to cope come to the surface in safe relationships.

    Heather V. Shore invites you to feel her story but points you to the cross. I love Heather’s vulnerability and transparency. Healing comes when we understand people’s stories and walk along side them. Heather is a walking testament to that!

  2. Josh Doneff

    An honest story about a path to recovery. This author candidly shares her own journey in a way that is personal yet tangible. I applaud her openness and recommend the insights that this book gives to those who are working to overcome the hardships of broken dreams.

  3. Katie Sixta

    Loved this book! It’s a good example of how faith in God can help overcome life struggles. Definitely recommend it.

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