One year later

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Saturday marks one year since my little peanut, Madelyn, entered this world. She has made life so enjoyable with her sweet spirit and laugh. There are days after my surgery, I sit in awe of my kids. Their happiness, fervor for life and joy remind me of what’s important.

Madelyn's cake face

This past year has been filled with such joyous fun and difficult times. I still can’t believe the last 6 months were filled with constant health pain and coming out on the other side has shown me how to live with fervor and focus.

These next few months, I’m going to take time to enjoy my family, live life and focus on God’s purpose and plan for my life. Right now, there are too many activities on my plate to focus on writing, blogging and speaking. Hoping this time will allow me to come out more focused, less committed to so many things and more plugged into others. As we go into fall and the holidays, I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season.

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