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What matters most

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in Compassion, Health | 0 comments

First things first, my last blog post was not my best and I’m still working on my writing style. So please forgive and keep reading!

These last few months have resulted in health issues which still have me perplexed at times. On April 26th, I was in the ER for the third time with awful right quadrant pain. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing the pain. So, the ER doctor had me do another CT scan. She came in with the results and said ‘You’re not crazy, you have a mass in your liver and this is most likely causing your pain. We’re going to admit you into the hospital’. I still remember sitting there with my friend in disbelief. I have what?? I had been sick off and on since July 2015 with stomach bugs and another one hit in late April. Only this time, it caused enough pain for me to go to the hospital. Finally after months of meeting with different hepatologists and surgeons, I’m having this 2.5 inch tumor removed. The tumor and I will finally part ways in August.

I’ve had time to ponder about what really matters as I’ve sat in doctor offices. I’ve questioned why I have to go through another trial, why at times my life is harder than others, and why isn’t it all roses like other people I see. As I sit in my pity party, I think about the sweet little faces seen and unseen, which helped grow this tumor. My tumor grew because of the pregnancy hormones in my body. These faces are worth it. They are worth any and every tumor my body could ever grow. Their laughter, smiles in the morning and saying Mommy make this health issue seem nonexistent at times.

When the pain happens it wears me out and causes me to question things. But then I sit back and realize there is some reason to all of this. Is it another season of pruning, is it a way to heal my body and get back to feeling well, or is it to help remind me that all tests are worth it in the end? I’m not sure nor do I have the answers. But I keep thinking about the saying ‘Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles people are fighting’. Whether it’s a health, parenting, work or another issue, be kind. Health issues will definitely put life in perspective and show you what matters most.


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