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This past year has been filled with so many amazing things and also some setbacks. It’s been a trying year when it comes to my health. Last year I had a liver resection and was miraculously better after 4 weeks and back to working out at 6 weeks. The fact that is wasn’t cancer was an even bigger praise! But this year, I’ve had stupid stuff happen to my health. Dropped a 30 pound weight on my foot in March and had a bone bruise for 3 weeks. Then in June my calf muscle tore. Slowly, but surely I’ve been recouping from this last injury as I train for a 1/2 marathon. Every other week, I’m at PT/Acupuncture to repair and move this injury forward. Praise God for insurance!

Why on earth am I telling you this? This latest injury has caused me to stop doing activities which aren’t life-giving and focus on the ones which bring me back to life. Sometimes these halts and life changes can be a pothole in the road trying to get you turned around. Which way are we headed? Every time we hit a rut, we need to make sure we haven’t diverted from our role, God’s plan or our mission. A lot of times God is trying to make us think or nudge us onto a different path. We hit potholes when a path hasn’t been maintained or we have been distracted and we’re not paying attention. This has certainly been my case where everything was saying slow down, take the summer off and enjoy your family.

Most people don’t take the time to look back at the potholes in their lives, when they occurred and what they may have meant. More importantly, look at what they indicated. Large or small potholes can be everyday problems, an illness or a snare. Several times, we’re moving so fast, we don’t stop to think about why they occurred and then head for even larger ‘rut’s’.

The bigger truth which came out of this last setback was a shift in my attitude towards resting. I have no control over all the things that happen to me, but I do have total control on how I respond to them. I needed to take all of that wasted energy lost on trying to force life to fit into my perception of how it should be (not good enough because I don’t have a job) and channel it instead on dealing with what life has thrown at me. Trials come in all kinds of shapes, but they can cause big change.

So, count it all joy when you encounter a trial or pothole. Don’t beat yourself up, it may be long (calf tears are no joke), but in the end something amazing will come out of it. It may just be some sleep!

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