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Enjoy the holidays comparison free

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Enjoy the holidays comparison free

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

This holiday season will hold new meaning as we celebrate it with kids for the first time. While our children are only 6 months at Christmas, it will be exciting to see it through their eyes. I can’t imagine what will be going through Harrison’s brain.

The other day I was on the phone with a friend who was talking about someone else’s baby. I had asked a question around how that child was doing and the conversation lead to this person going on and on about how beautiful this other baby was. I was taken aback because not once in the conversation did the person say “Well Harrison is cute too.” Ironically the next day, five people come up to me saying what a beautiful baby I had. Now this will come across as completely selfish and people pleasing, but I was happy to hear it. It had hurt my feelings that the person on the phone never once told me my baby was beautiful. This is all very silly, but the Lord quietly reminded me that He is merciful and hears my heart regardless of how silly the circumstance. He also reminded me that comparison will steal my joy.

A few years back I went through a period of learning about comparison and how it affected it my life. I never considered myself to have an issue with comparison, so it was news to me. There are times in life where we learn about things, so we can overcome those strongholds and live freely.

God wants us to not compare, but to have joy in what He has given us. Our bodies, our babies, our families, job, or financial situation are things to praise instead of compare to others. The most convicting part of this is where comparison directs my attention. Comparison keeps me focused on me instead of focused on others. This holiday lets bless others instead of focusing on ourselves. It doesn’t matter if my child is dressed in the right clothes or if I look good enough for family photos, etc. there are women, children and others in need.

So this holiday take a look in your closet or pantry. There may be several things you can donate to women’s or homeless shelters, food pantries, or your next door neighbor who needs a home cooked meal. When we focus less on what others have and more on what others need, we become better people.


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