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Holy Spirit Empowered

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Screen-Shot-2014-01-14-at-12.35.02-PMThis past weekend was the ifgathering, a conference equipping women to live out their life’s purpose. The two days are comprised of amazing speakers, some who are well known and others who are on the rise. All have published books and some have started movements and non-profits. What’s amazing is the accomplishments of these women at such young ages. 40 is young to me now.

Christine Caine stands out to me every time I hear her. Talk about a truly gifted speaker who is on fire for God! Her talk this year was about living out your destiny and not someone else’s. An unhealthy attachment to our past holds us back in life and we need to let go and move into the destiny God has for us. The main point of her talk was ‘service is the key to destiny’. You have to be willing  to work and know that the call of God will be inconvenient and interrupt your life. You have to need God more than a marketing plan. Want a good book on interruption? Read Jen Hatmakers book called Interrupted (side bar).

I tell you about her talk to show you someone who is Holy Spirit Empowered. She walks and talks her beliefs. What you see is what you get. Christine and her husband have a large ministry fighting against sex trafficking. She was abused for 12 years and has not let her past define her future. She let it help define her life’s work. As I watch her speak each year, I ask myself what it would look like to live that way? What does it mean to truly walk out the gospel? How will I let my history of abuse shape my life’s work and not define who I am? And how can I challenge and encourage others in my life to live out their calling and life’s work? There is so much to digest after this weekend. Lots of pondering, praying and creating action plans.

My hope if you read this post is that you’ll ponder the same questions for your life.

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