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Hallmark Christmas movies… Our love story

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Hallmark movieIt’s the most wonderful time of the year for Hallmark Christmas movies. Call me cheesy, but I love things that are silly romantic. There are so many themes that warm my heart… family bonding, falling in love in three days or small town/local business. It’s so much fun to think about the wonderful holiday traditions you can start as a married couple or family.

Mike, my husband, came into my life in 2008. He was a welcome surprise. I was instantly drawn to him because he was so attractive. At the time, dating wasn’t really on my radar. I just had gotten a new job and was focused on moving my career forward. However, I still said “yes” when he asked me out.

During the dating process, I realized I still had work to do in my heart, especially when it came to joy. God used Mike to sharpen me. I learned a lot (and am still learning) through this relationship and honestly how to give it over to God. I really liked Mike and eventually fell in love with him. I hadn’t been in love for more than 4 years, so it seemed like a foreign concept to let my heart open up. After 7 months of dating, we hit a rocky patch and Mike decided it was best to break it off. He said because I was older he always swore he would honor me by not dating me too long if we weren’t going to get married. He wanted me to find someone to marry so that I would be able to have children.

During our three months apart, God really worked on my heart and I didn’t chase Mike after he left. I went on my own way, realizing God had a great story to work out. Little did I know when God spoke to me and said “Trust me and let Mike go,” that Mike would come back. He did come back, letting me know he wanted to court me and eventually marry me. I was shocked. What God wanted to show me was how I needed to be fought for, desired after and treated with such respect and honor that I shouldn’t settle for less. I had settled for less and it ripped apart my early twenties. Never again would I get married unless it was God-ordained. And God showed up! Mike and I ended up laying all of the cards on the table and talking about things that were important for a life together. The next several months were spent having fun together and getting to know one another.

We got engaged in February 2010 and Mike put together the sweetest Valentines’ surprise. He had also asked my dad for permission to marry him which was a sweet gift of respect that he gave to my family and me. Mike surprised me with a camera and inside the box was my engagement ring. I don’t remember much else other than him coming up behind me and asking me to marry him. We were deliriously happy as we planned a small, destination wedding in St. Augustine, FL and a road trip honeymoon in New England.

On September 18, 2010, we were pronounced husband and wife. It was a beautiful, magical day that neither one of us will forget.

Our Hallmark Christmas movie is still unfolding each and every day. It’s been fun, full of laughter, faith and hard times. But one thing has remained constant, my prayer for Mike “Change me and bless him.” Here’s to many more Christmases together. May this holiday season be filled with Christmas wonder and blessings.



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