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Finding favor

Posted by on May 19, 2017 in Relationships | 0 comments

What beautiful snowy night on May 18th! Being snowed in is a wonderful way to catch up on life, have conversation with the hubby and write. I haven’t forgotten about writing and have actually written a few things I’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks. These past few months have flown by with the kids school and classes, teaching class, and moving into a new home. It hasn’t left time to drink my coffee while warm, write or invest in others.

Two weeks ago we had some time to drink coffee and invest in others. It was a wonderful marriage retreat in the mountains which allowed rest and time to write. It also gave us time to connect as a couple and with others as we hiked in the mountains. More importantly, we came away with a sense of favor on this year and next. Favor for what’s to come, how we’re coming out of a hard season, and that the restoration of joy will be happening.

The next few posts will be a series around what this past season has taught me. These topics were placed on my heart to share with others and I’m hoping they are helpful and encouraging.

As summer approaches, I hope you find a place of rest, make some memories, receive favor and find joy.

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