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Domestic Violence Awareness month

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Domestic Violence Awareness month

Next week is the start of Domestic Violence Awareness month. The goal is to bring awareness and to help end domestic violence. Understanding the basics and helping to break the cycle of abuse is greatly needed in this country.

My story started innocently and built slowly before turning violent. Our first date was over seven hours long. Seth was easy to talk to, pleasant to be around and very charming. We started with dinner at an Italian place, then we went hiking at one of his favorite places, then saw a movie. This is an example of his charming ways. It gives you a glimpse of how an abusive person can wield their way into someone’s life. It would take a year and a half before my then boyfriend who became my husband would slap me. Domestic violence wasn’t something I grew up with at home. I didn’t know what it was and certainly didn’t believe it could ever happen to me. I was wrong.

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. It could happen to your neighbor, someone in your family or you. My hope is to help encourage women and anyone else experiencing domestic abuse to get the help they need. There is hope and joy on the other side. October is here… help us end violence.

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