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Madelyn is here!

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015 in Book, Harrison, Kids | 0 comments

September was a busy month! My two main focuses were having a baby and finishing my book. Both were big milestones and two of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Madelyn was due September 28th and finally decided to show up October 1st. We tried everything to get her here and finally decided surgery was the best option. She is a beautiful gift from God and we couldn’t be happier. Harrison, her big brother, is still not sure about her and if he could talk I know he’d say ‘take her back.’ Our surprise baby is very sweet and were enjoying every moment. Below...

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My book is finished!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Book | 3 comments

After much preparation, my book is finally published! This idea was given to me a long time ago as I sat and healed in Nashville. To see it done is a miracle! Who knew how much work went into finishing a book? I personally didn’t and have a newfound respect for other authors. ‘God Uses Deeply Wounded People’ is available for purchase on Amazon here. If you know someone going through domestic violence, infertility or wanting to heal from life difficulties, this book will hopefully help them overcome and live abundantly. So download away and leave a review on Amazon. Happy...

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Our three year journey which taught us to hope

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Book, Infertility, Kids | 0 comments

This week marks the three year journey of having children. Since the beginning of August, 2012, I’ve been pregnant, miscarrying or having children. What a journey! Below is excerpt from my upcoming book which will finally be done in August. Only fitting, huh? Enjoy! Entering into a Season of Hope As we moved onward from the third pregnancy, we entered a new season of hope. We knew we had to start enjoying the life God had given us, and to find joy in the little moments. Joy, as a fruit of the Spirit, is the one I’ve struggled with the most, and also the one I’ve understood the most....

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Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Book, Domestic Violence | 0 comments

Dogs are some of the best companions you can have in life. They are loyal, sweet and want to be by your side. Over the years they become your family. I’ve had the pleasure of having such a companion for the last 14 years. Nadia has been my fun-loving and sweet Siberian Husky who has lived a long healthy life. Nadia has been quirky, my hiking budding, given us lots of laughs and hung out with my husband and I during the dark times. What’s so hard in saying goodbye is how her life closes a chapter in mine. I got Nadia in 2001 right after September 11th. I had just returned from...

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Sampling of Hope – A Casual Food Tasting to Benefit SafeHouse Denver

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Book, Domestic Violence | 0 comments

Only 4 weeks until our inaugural Sampling of Hope event for Safehouse Denver! A lot of team energy has gone into putting this event together. Our tireless leader Shannon (Annual Giving and Events Manager) has worked her tail off. I serve on another committee and when they told us about the new event, I got excited. Anything to raise funds for our Extended Stay program. I love volunteering for causes which are part of my life journey. Let me tell you about Anna. She was a career woman I met while in shelter that couldn’t get away from her controlling boyfriend. Anna was sweet and...

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How to give grace

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 in Book, Domestic Violence | 1 comment

Grace is sometimes a foreign concept to me. There are times I don’t know how to give it or receive it. Lately I’ve been struggling with how to give grace to others. It’s been very hard to start this site and write chapters about my dv story and not have the support of my parents since they play a part in the story. Parents who love and want whats best for me, don’t know how to support me in the uncomfortable places. When I told them about starting a dv site with a goal of helping others, they said that’s nice. My mom told me she would never read the site or read...

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