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The book is complete! Currently it’s for sale at Amazon and Nook. Below is an excerpt from the first chapter on Journeys. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Journeys

Deeply Wounded Hope

Deeply Wounded Hope

Divorced, Suddenly Single? What Questions Do You Have About Your Journey?

“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” C.S. Lewis

“Here I am again, back where I began, wandering aimlessly down a path I can’t figure out. Here we go again, saying things we didn’t mean,  apologizing for them, and then never discussing how they hurt. This is the fourth time this year it’s happened. But, my loved ones and friends don’t care how it rips me to the core. How hard I’ve worked for the past three years to get myself back on track. Many detours along the way, distractions placed in my way, keeping me from realizing my potential. I have so much to give and offer, yet my friends don’t take me seriously.

“My imagination runs wild with things yet to come, things that have come and gone, and the present sitting idly before and around me, making me want more. Will I go after my dreams finally or will I let all these people and distractions keep me from realizing them? The truth is, I can’t let it or them get in my way again. But, is the way I’m headed truly the way I supposed to be going?

“This path, this journey called life that I constantly question. Everything around me makes me sit and wonder: Isn’t there something more?”

Want to read more? The book is currently on at Paypal below, Kindle and Nook.