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2017 has already started out with interesting twists and turns. There have been some wake-up calls which have left me baffled and wondering what’s next. I keep trying to make changes happen in my own time and in my own way. Changes that aren’t easy, but could potentially yield long term gain for myself and family. As I’ve started navigating this there is still a general theme of wait. Wait and see what I do…

Awakening is the theme being preached at my church. It’s a very fitting message for the beginning of the year as people start New Years resolutions and goal plan for the year ahead. A few of the questions being asked have got me pondering my family’s next step.

In order to hear where you are headed in life, it’s good to cultivate a quiet heart. You can do this through choice, withdrawing and listening. All three actions are not common and counter cultural. Three questions are good to ask as you cultivate this sense of being.

  1. How can I simplify my life in 2017?
  2. When and where can I withdraw? We do what we schedule.
  3. What new thing is God speaking to me this year?

These questions are very challenging and I hope to keep them front and center throughout 2017.

Oh question one! I’m not a big fan of you right now. We are currently in the process of simplifying several things in our life. We’re simplifying our schedules, cleaning out our house, and making plans for this next year. It is exciting, refreshing and somewhat terrifying as I purge our belongings and cut back on activities. We’re over-scheduled and have too much stuff!

Question two is something I make a priority to do every night. By 9 pm, I either read, do my quiet time or watch a TV show. It’s my time to unplug, relax and get ready for the next wonderful day. Personally, I think withdrawing from our busyness and having some down time each day is really good for the soul. Our souls need that time of refreshment in order to figure out where we are headed in life. Recently, I got away for the day to unwind and unpack 2016. Time away (a whole 8 hours) allowed me to read, soak in a hot tub and relax. On the drive back I was able to think through the ideas for 2017 and record them. It helped me to realize where I want to focus my time and energy and how to better parent my children.

Questions three is where I’m struggling the most. The ‘not knowing’ drives the planner in me crazy, but I want to hear where we are headed in life as change is around the corner. Sometimes the new thing is a word for the year (Hope, Protection, Surrender, etc.). It also could be knowing the ideas and plans you want to implement, but waiting to find out if those plans will come to fruition. The wait and see part has been the hardest part of last year’s journey. I’m not a waiter. I’m a doer and doer’s don’t wait. However, isn’t that exciting part of ‘not knowing’? You don’t necessarily have to do anything. You can rest in the security of knowing that God has got it all planned out.

Here’s to the exciting adventure awaiting each of you in 2017! May it be filled with awakening to the new things God has for you.

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