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Posts made in January, 2015

Strong willed children

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Kids | 3 comments

Strong willed children… where do I start? They are fun, full of gumption, and usually on the lookout for the next thing. These children always make life interesting and can drive parents crazy. My child is definitely strong willed and I’m not surprised. His mother (aka me) is and always will be strong-willed. Sometimes it’s very obvious in his demeanor or the fact he wants to do it himself. He’s starting to push me away as he explores standing and other acrobatics. In having a child like this you realize a few things. One thing I wonder about is what Harrison’s life will be like.  What kind...

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Living without a schedule

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Book | 0 comments

Recent events have caused us to sit back and wait. My family and I have had to wait as my grandmother became really sick and we didn’t know what her future held. She fell ill a week before Christmas and celebrated her 91st birthday in the hospital. Things didn’t look good based on what the doctors had to say. How could this 91 year-old be gone in three weeks? Her resilience to live kept us all waiting. My grandmother was a fighter; strong-willed, independent and very loving to her family. In the end, my grandmother choose comfort care making her last days tolerable. This resilient lady had...

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